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My name is Jonathan Karon. My background is in software -- artificial intelligence, geospatial, data visualization, forward-looking web and mobile applications, and video games. For the past 15 years I've been distilling ideas into clever and useful products and services. These days I build the teams who will distill the future.

I am presently engaged building the future at New Relic and provide entertainment as an advisor to various emerging software-driven businesses.

Send me an email (jonathan@tappister.com) or find me on Twitter (@fightingmonk) if you'd like to get in touch.

Instrumenting SwiftJune 12 2014

My first adventure writing a trivial iOS app in Swift, and explorations of the Objective-C bridge.

Stop doing your own cryptoJuly 20 2013

Software crypto implementation is not just hard, it's not meant for mortals. Please stop assuming you can get it right.

Where I've BeenMarch 14 2013

It's been quiet around here, cricket chirpin' quiet. I've not been idle though, let me tell you...

Software Estimation is HardApril 4 2012

It's really hard to estimate how long it will take to build software, especially if you are not an experienced builder. Here follows my lame analogy.

On DesignApril 3 2012

Some thoughts on Wells Riley's great article about design and how it fits with startups.

NetJunky Research is now TappisterMarch 15 2012

What happened to NetJunky? Well, let me tell you -- NetJunky is now Tappister. Same great taste, new even greater box.

Sendai Tsunami Evacuation SimulationsMarch 9 2012

My research on tsunami evacuation and survival simulations is featured in a Daily Planet special on Discovery Channel Canada. I have a few thoughts and comments leading up to the show.

First ImpressionsMarch 1 2011

As an application designer I try really hard to look at the first-time experience of the people who use what I build. While it seems obvious, think about how non-trivial ...

福福 (Double Happiness)September 1 2011

Some friends on Facebook were missing the old days of unix servers and DEC terminals. I took the opportunity to start experimenting with Human Computer Interface ideas.

Python URL manglingJune 30 2011

TL;DR: using query_dict = urlparse.parse_qs(query_string, True) and query_string = urllib.urlencode(query_dict, True) will round-trip query strings the way you probably want them to.

A quick quandry.

>>> import urlparse ...

Cannon Beach Tsunami Inundation and Evacuation Study, 2010-2011May 10 2011

Tappister developed a comprehensive tsunami evacuation simulator for Cannon Beach, Oregon. Read our report on bridge vs. tsunami evacuation building placement and watch videos of our simulation results.

Is It A Test?March 25 2011

Excerpt from recently-received correspondence from the USPTO:


Shared User Identity, Plan AFebruary 17 2011

I have a project I’m working on that involves a group of federated web sites that share functionality provided from a “hub” web server. The hub maintains a centralized ...

Announcing FlatHeadFebruary 9 2011

It was a simple idea... we've been Crushing Your Head and Squishing Your Head for decades now. Why is it so hard to do it on Facebook? Or blog ...

New ProductsNovember 17 2010

Don Norman has a great article in Core77 called Design Without Designers.

He very lucidly covers the differences between incremental improvement of existing products and creating fundamentally new, disruptive products ...

Data ProtectionSeptember 22 2010

The topic of protecting data on computers comes up repeatedly in the news and has come up for us personally twice in the last month. There are two needs to ...

On PatentsJuly 6 2010

I've got patents on the brain: I just finished authoring one for my latest startup, one I authored at Higher Function is under examination, and the US Supreme Court just issued their ruling on Bilski, probably the only case on the fundamentals of Patentability that they'll hear for a decade.

GeometryApril 16 2010

In which our hero calculates the volume of gooey pizza goodness per dollar; and they asked what we'd ever use geometry for.

Designing For Your AudienceDecember 31 2009

While developing WeetWoo! for iPhone we spent an extraordinary amount of time putting ourselves into the shoes of our children. Of course, since they are OUR children, we didn't hesitate to ask them what they thought at every turn. And being children, they didn't hesitate to tell it like it was. In fact, some of the most valuable lessons we learned came from plopping an iPod Touch down in front of 3 and 9 year olds and letting them go.